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At Clearwater Piers LLC we specialize in the sale of new pier systems and accessories. Clearwater Piers are designed to give you a lifetime of waterfront enjoyment. Built with pride by experienced craftsmen, you will notice the quality workmanship in every detail. Our design is simple and time tested.

Why you should have a Clearwater Pier System

Clearwater Piers marine products are engineered for stability, durability and flexibility. Our docks and pier systems are manufactured in six foot sections for extra strength, easy installation and stackable storage in the off-season. Flared legs provide extra stability and 21″ of adjustment, stainless steel locking screws provide trouble-free leveling.

Clearwater Piers are built to last a lifetime and it all begins with our stationary, sectional dock frames. The design of our frames has been time tested on the water since 1954. We use only the highest quality materials to produce frames that provide you with maximum stability, durability, and ease of use.

 Clearwater Piers Wisconsin Pier Systems

Pier Installation Madison Wisconsin Clearwater Piers

Ease of Installation & Removal

  1. Clearwater Piers utilizes a pure hot dipped galvanizing formula for corrosion resistance so many of our piers are still in use after 50+ years
  2. Steel is stronger, much more stable and affordable than aluminum
  3. Our frames only weigh 55lb each, making them very easy to install
  4. Aluminum welds fatigue and crack much easier than steel
  5. Clearwater Piers are designed to lock together with strong connections for superior structural integrity
  6. We use stainless-steel nuts & bolts to reduce the possibility of stripping-out your adjusting bolts like aluminum bolts do and steel adds more strength & durability for the lifetime of your pier.


"Bryan Gill and his crew did a fabulous job on the installation of our new HDPE Plastic Lumber "U" shaped pier. Bryan and his crew were very courteous and well informed as to how each person had to perform to get the new pier installed in a short period of time. They worked together as a "True Crew. Our pier will be two years old as of May 2019 and we have enjoyed every minute of its use. We wish we had done it sooner.We highly recommend Bryan Gill for a job well done."

- Don and Anita - Lake Mills, WI